Friday, April 2, 2010

How To Request A Copy of Your Certificate of Eligibility and DD214

To Request A Copy of Your VA Certificate of Eligibility:
Complete a VA Form 26-1880, - *form is attached
Request for a Certificate of Eligibility: You can apply for a Certificate of Eligibility by submitting a completed VA Form 26-1880, Request For A Certificate of Eligibility For Home Loan Benefits, to the Winston-Salem Eligibility Center, along with proof of military service . In some cases it may be possible for VA to establish eligibility without your proof of service. However, to avoid any possible delays, it's best to provide such evidence

VA Eligibility Center Address and Telephone Number
Please send your request for determination of Eligibility (VA Form 26-1880, along with proof of military service) to:
VA Loan Eligibility Center
PO Box 20729
Winston-Salem, NC 27120

For overnight delivery:
VA Loan Eligibility Center
251 N. Main Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27155
Toll free number: 1-888-244-6711

You Need A Copy of Your DD214 To Proceed...
If it is missing - Here's how you request a copy: DD214 Request Form
Your DD214 form is required in order to obtain your certificate of eligibility for a VA mortgage loan. If you have misplaced your original DD214 form you can request another copy by completing and submitting Form SF 180 "Request Pertaining To Military Records." The DD214 Request Form is attached.

You can also request dd214 duplicate copies by using the VA fax on demand system. Just dial 301-837-0990 from a fax machine. Follow the voice instructions and when prompted for the document number enter 2255.

To request a copy of your DD214 form by mail write to:
The National Personnel Records Center
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63132

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